Helen Sullivan

Welcome to the Democracy in Transition Conference

Hosted by the Melbourne School of Government, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia


Hello from the University of Melbourne

The Melbourne School of Government is a bold new school that brings together disciplines traditionally divided – Business & Economics, Law, and Arts – to seek to answer the complex issues facing our rapidly changing world.

Globally we are witnessing an evolution of democratic ideals and models, with new insights and solutions that have the potential to transform democratic societies. With these changes come opportunities for building better systems.

This conference will present new insights on:

  • The 21st century challenges faced by democracies around the world: citizen disengagement, civil rights and freedoms, security and cohesion, with expert insight on how to reshape your policies, practices and implementation to create greater benefit for citizens, consumers and communities.
  • Problems with political leadership. The phenomenon of policy gridlock. Do central governments have too much power? Organisational democracy? New governance models emerging in indigenous and local government settings, with collaborative approaches to redesign governance and decision- making systems.
  • Expert analysis of the impact of social media, clicktivism, and special interest group influence.
  • Alternative approaches to political renewal emerging in a number of non-Western jurisdictions, as well as current debates around illiberal and radical democracy, including unique insights into the global challenges of statelessness and crippling debt, and how to manage competing priorities.
  • How corporations are responding to the democratic challenges, including analysis of free trade agreements (TPP), and industry disclosure frameworks (ESG).
  • The opportunity to network with outstanding industry, public sector, non-profit, and academic change-makers from across the world.

You may also be interested in our related website DemocracyRenewal, which is a resource and forum for discussion on creating better democratic systems.

Please join us for this conference and help lead the debate on the future of democracy.

Helen Sullivan

Foundation Director Melbourne School of Government

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